Brad Henderson

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Sentence Algebra & Document Algorithms
This textbook in-progress presents a new, math-based writing system for engineers & other left-brain thinkers.

Drums: a Novel
What happens to a 1980s nightclub drummer when he goes to Lake Tahoe to get the ultimate gig? The answer lies in Brad Hendersonís archetypal what-if story, Drums: a Novel, about a college grad, who opts for the freewheeling life of rock Ďní roll drummer, instead of adhering to family tradition and becoming a professor in math.

The Blue Devil: poems
Lean but brawny, reminiscent but edgy, these poems recall boyhood, fatherhood, and manhood. With tones of regret, dark humor, and poignant beauty, Hendersonís contemporary verse appeals to poets and non-poets alike.

Split Stock: Selected Poems
Split Stock features original poems by new-and-upcoming U.S. poets, Brad Henderson and Andy Jones. The selections cover a range of mainstream topics--marriage and fatherhood, personal health and disease, modern manhood, and both writers' pursuit of the now elusive, if not mythical, American Dream. An array of full-color images of local artwork complement the book's text and enliven it with the spirit and maverick awe of the expansive Sacramento Valley.