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The Blue Devil: poems

Lean but brawny, reminiscent but edgy, these poems recall boyhood, fatherhood, and manhood. With tones of regret, dark humor, and poignant beauty, Henderson’s contemporary verse appeals to poets and non-poets alike.

A sample poem from The Blue Devil--courtesy of The Poet Tree Video Project: Anthology of Poets, Eve West Bessier, Poet Laureate of Davis, California, Producer. 2014

birds in a field of wheat

beyond the trail,
the strobe-tired sun
meshes into hills
& behind me stilted towers
hover over Davisville
like silver-lozenge UFOs
angels w/ oxygen masks inside

a final tract of houses
gives way to fields of wheat
parched & summer glazed
i muse on priapic tubes
kernels & bristles
once succulent w/ spring

then i notice
finches & bluebirds
nuzzled in the crop
i hear many, see only
some—quick heads, tail flits, & feather
shivers—dusk stoking beaks to glint
their song is music dinner
for awakening bugs—
crawling rankled taps,
out of fissured clay

i’ve heard this song before
often as a boy
yet seldom as a man
who must re-remember
how to sync time w/ blood, breath, & hum
the glorious present
unison blare
of creatures & land, bigness ticking
beyond my plot
of things i could've said
or this day done, were i not so dull
as to toe the line
& plow into silence
all that is not inside of me