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BRAD HENDERSON earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and an MPW in fiction/poetry from University of Southern California (USC). He now teaches engineering and science writing full-time at University of California, Davis, (UC Davis) where he is a third-generation faculty.

His father, Jerald M. Henderson, and paternal grandfather, S. Milton Henderson, were both engineering professors who wrote textbooks and specialized in agricultural equipment design. Brad's granddad Milton derived “The Henderson Equation,” a mathematical formula for calculating the drying time of harvested grains.

Brad’s “artist self”—creative writer + blues-rock drummer + high-desert drifter—draws upon his paternal, as well as and maternal roots. On his mother’s side, Brad’s great-great grandfather was California pioneer cattleman, Henry "Hartman" Hamel; his grandfather was the maverick, Ford Farm Efficiency Award winning rancher, Richard H. Hamel; and his grandmother, Marie Afton Hamel, was a storyteller and voracious connoisseur of American novels.

Brad’s mother, Frances Hamel Henderson, played the snare drum. He has worked as a corporate engineer, education consultant, and nightclub drummer. He is the author of several volumes of poetry and the Phi Kappa Phi award winning, rock 'n' roll novel, Drums.

Brad was recently featured in the eBook—Engineers Write! Thoughts on Writing from Contemporary Literary Engineers by Tom Moran (IEEE Press 2010)—as one of twelve “literary engineers” currently writing and publishing poetry and fiction in the United States. He is currently working on an engineering writing textbook.

Selected Works

Engineering Writing
This textbook in-progress presents a new, math-based writing system for engineers & other left-brain thinkers.
A 1980s college graduate avoids becoming a yuppie and instead plays drums in a New Wave band.
poetry eBook
A newly released collection of poems about a 60s-era boy, a maverick man, and a father wrestling with joy and regret.
A selection of original poems by the co-directors of the San Francisco Writers Conference’s poetry track.