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Brad Henderson holds degrees in both engineering and creative writing. He has worked as a design engineers in aerospace and technical education specialist for Hewlett-Packard. He is currently a full-time faculty member at University of California-Davis, where he teaches specialized writing and professionalism classes for engineering, science, and business majors.


Henderson's most recent work is A Math-Based Writing System for Engineers: Sentence Algebra & Document Algorithms (forthcoming from Springer Nature). This professional title debuts a new system for teaching engineers how to be effective workplace writers in industry. Geared toward math-based thinkers and problem solvers, the system incorporates algebraic equations and variables to teach applied grammar and sentence-level editing techniques, and algorithms flowcharts in its lessons on essential document structures--such as proposals, status emails, and project reports. Because the method uses math language as a universal touchstone, this book is well-suited for both native and multilingual engineers who use English as a key business language.


Brad is also a poet, novelist, and rock 'n' roll drummer.